NEW DESIGN RADIATORS - AFFORDABLE LUXURY! ... This spring, CINI has launched the new line of design radiators named ULTIMA, which consists of wide range of newly created models of radiators and towel warmers. ...

CINI promotes a new system of electrical heating for the forthcoming season, consisting of the aluminium radiators and the built-in electrical heaters MEK type... This system is the perfect solution for tourist apartments, cottages, vacation homes, as well as for bathrooms and other individual premises that are used occasionally. There are quite a number of advantages if compared to the other electrical heating devices (fan heaters, quartz heaters, stone radiators, convectors, etc.), but to the classical system of central electrical heating too. Since the heating in such spaces is used only periodically/seasonally, in most cases the installation of the central heating system is not profitable to the owner, because of the high initial investment for equipment including wide range of different elements (radiators, pipes, el. boiler, valves, accessories, etc.), but also for the installation complexity and time needed. Apart from getting an extremely high-quality product with the long tradition and guaranty, there is also a huge saving in money and time needed for installation, as well as in the subsequent utilization.
Aluminium radiators
Electrical heater MEK Type

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